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Since the start of the company, GETT'S has built a name synonymous to professionalism and excellence , not only by the number and top clientele , but especially through permanent involvement in the biggest national and international events . This has led to the expansion of relations in various fields, from fashion world to the business community and public relations. For this, we have created an elite team called GETT'S Artistic Team (GAT) made up of the most talented people.

Among the services that GETT'S offers to his partners we name:

Consulting for companies in any field:
GETT'S can be the ideal partner in defining your company's image and create or maintain your employees look, representing the company. In addition, to ensure your employees, custumers and partners loyalty, offers full service packages.

Consulting for media groups, advertising agencies, communication or image agencies.

GETT'S and its partners offer complete solutions in the organization and promotion of events in the GETT'S COLOR BAR location inside Bucharest Mall as well as:

  • Support and advice in developing advertising and promotional films
  • Provides a professional team composed of the best photographers, makeup artists, stylists, models, designers, directors, TV performers and producers .
  • Making of full professional shootings for books, covers and editorials for magazines, newspapers in film studios , professional audio and video installation
  • Making professional video films

Partnership Program management :

On various national and international projects , GETT'S develops partnerships and associations for management, quality control, selection and training of staff, providing all operational departments, implementing programs for beauty salons and spas by: franchise , management, association and partnerships, consultancy in interior design.

Also, GETT'S created and developed its own software for the management and marketing of beauty salons and SPAs. This software can be purchased by any company that operates in this area.