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GETT'S has launched the "Online Access Platform for clients". See what benefits you have by creating a GETT'S online account.

GETT'S Goes Digital

Gett's Beauty Miles

Gift Certificate
Gett's Beauty Miles

GETT'S Beauty Miles is a loyalty program specifically designed to provide outstanding benefits to its members through membership in one of the GETT'S clubs.

This program means that, by becoming a member you can accumulate bonus points for buying services, starting from your first visit, or professional products, subscriptions and, most importantly, by recommending new members.

GETT'S is based on a centralized database, so that the accumulated points can be used (you can pay with it) in any GETT'S salon. For companies, we offer CORPORATE Club discount, whose value is calculated according to the number of subscriptions and people that joined.

If recommending any GETT'S member, you receive loyalty points worth 37 lei. So, you became more than a beneficiary, you become a partner and payment in any of the GETT'S salons can be done with the accumulated points.

Regulamentul Programului

Prepaid Card

Prepaid Card

You can benefit from the advantages of subscription-type clubs :

  • Classic Club - 100 Euro, offers bonus services up to 8% or 8 Euro - valid under limited terms and conditions and locations.
  • Silver Club - 300 Euro, offers bonus services up to 12% or 36 Euro.
  • Gold Club - 600 Euro, offers bonus services up to 15%, or 90 Euro.
  • Black Club - 1200 Euro, offers bonus services up to 20%, or 240 Euro.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Looking for the ideal gift? GETT'S CERTIFICATE is the perfect choice!

Soon will be the birthday or anniversary of a dear friend. You do not know if the scent you want to buy for her will do, if the skirt or blouse is the right color. Actually, she is a picky person and wants something different.

Want to surprise your business partners with a special gift though, you're in a limited budget?

Looking for something new to reward and pamper your employees? You want to get them to have more confidence in them, for their work to be a real success?

GETT'S gets you rid of all these worries by putting at your disposal a Gift Certificate.

Gift Certificate is the perfect gift! It is intended for both women and men and can be customized with services according to the needs or wants of each individual by choosing the most pleasant ways of maintenance, relaxation and pampering.