GETT'S Academy

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GETT'S Academy

We strived and created a world of inspiration. An universe opened to passion, creativity, skill. A world in which every idea can get a shape, where the ambition to continue self-improvement is paramount. A world that could include you and your team, where creativity and skills will be exploited to the full.

GETT'S opens the way to the world of fashion, shows, movie and television, where creativity knows no boundaries. Also, by providing access to the courses of the most famous hairstyling academies in the world, the individual professional development of the team will reach the maximum level.

Born in 1998, with the launch of the first and only professional videotape of Romania - Perspectives, GETT'S educational program continues with the opening of a hairdressing academy. Because education is the key to success, of individual development and personal motivation. And because we never cease to learn.

The courses will contain practical demonstrations, complete with theoretical information and shall be structured, first, on the following levels:

  • Beginners - deepen and substantiate basic professional techniques
  • Medium level - initiation into the art of consulting, creative studies on specific topics, revealing successful tricks
  • Advanced level - sharing the latest trends and secrets on haircut, styling and color in collaboration with partner academies around the world

There is also a calendar of local seminars held in salons, that include guests such as Artistic international directors from partner academies in England and France and that gives you access as a GETT'S partner. This calendar of local seminars is complemented by a calendar of international trainings in academies from England, Spain and France, GETT'S partners.